Only Shadows

By August 16, 20102010, Europe

“It’s been less than a month since I left Europe!”

I keep telling myself this over and over and yet I can hardly believe it. As of right now so many aspects of the trip seem like shadows of the real thing. The only lingering reality of the trip is the work that follows it. Despite the fact that the trip has begun to dissolve into nothing but memories there is still so many times I see its effects in my day to day life. As I make my way through my life on a daily basis I am reminded of things I have learned on the trip. Whether it’s in passing a church and I realize I know what makes the distinction between Gothic or Romanesque architecture. I certainly didn’t know this before. Or if it’s realizing that a painting in a familiar building I’ve seen hundreds of times is in the Baroque style. Or when I’m picking a beer or wine out at the store and I see dozens of selections I’ve had from their place of origin. All of these are things that have all too easily escaped my grasp until now and certainly escape the grasp of many other people around me. Since the trip I have been taught to more actively engage the world around me and attempt to understand the intricacies and details of even the simplest things. The experiences I had in Europe will always be a part of my life in that they shade and color how I understand different parts of the world around me and that I will never be able to forget.

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