Understanding Passion

By July 17, 20102010, Europe

So you have probably read so far from many other blogs about certain topics like churches or wars that they seem passionate in writing. This is not a bad thing but just a thought in how having knowledge about something really changes the way we experience this trip. I am no different. Churches and art are not things that I know much about and so when I hear presentations done by other students that are passionate about their topics it is inspiring to learn more about that subject. One example is Tira’s post about her presentation on the Frauenkirche in Dresden. Her passion inspired me to learn more about the church. A topic that I am passionate about is the battle for Vimy Ridge that took place during WWI. It is something that I had learnt about in high school and it is a battle that I personally think is  a very important event in Canada’s short history. But being at the site and getting most of my presentation raisins (information) stolen by our tour guide, it gave me time to take another look at the history of Vimy Ridge, and think differently about how much importance we attach to our victories. I think that many times we take our history and romanticize the good and evil to make battles appear like the best thing that could have happened to a country. But what I have been learning a lot on this trip and throughout my studies at SSU is that we need to be constantly looking back at history from different points of view and see if we can learn something new. Being at Vimy Ridge, and looking at  the broader context of WWI made me wonder why the battle needed to be fought. Viewing it through a different lens has lead me to believe that it was necessary.

Lois Craswell

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