Spelling Skillz

By August 17, 20102010, Europe

Well, this is it. The last blog that i will write for this trip. And let’s face it, the rest of my life. The life of blogger is quite exciting, too exciting in fact. Thats why I am unable to continue on this long and lonesome road. I need security and peace and stability in my life. Not a constant barrage of demands to write more blogs.

Europe has taught me a lot of things this time around.¬†Unfortunately, it did not teach me to be an excellent speller. Thats one thing about the Europe trip that I realized since being home. The trip teaches each of us a lot of things, but not everyday practical things. Things that we won’t realize¬†until¬†later in our lives.

In a way I am so glad that the trip can do this in my life, but on the other hand I just wish I was a speller.

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