Submitted an Hour Before the Deadline

By May 23, 20102010, Europe

We’re off for Europe in less than 24 hours and I’m experiencing a multitude of conflicting feelings. I’m worried about the work I need to get done in that time, I’m excited to be back in Europe, this time with my class, and I’m unsure how I feel about some aspects of the trip that the school is pushing.

I have been to Europe before, but this time it will be with my entire class (and some extras). The good part is that I like my class, the bad part is that this feeling may change after two months of living (without breaks) in close quarters with all of them.

We will be living in tents for most of the trip, but I’ve done this for the past two summers so it doesn’t bother me. I actually like waking up in a 30 degree tent, which makes it impossible to indulge in those 5 extra minutes of sleep, putting on the shorts I’ve worn for the past 5 days, and crawling outside.  Aside from some minor conflicts of interest, this trip really is my ideal way to see Europe.

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