The Best of Europe?

By August 18, 20102010, Europe

That’s the one question that people keep asking me: what was the best part of the trip? What was your favourite city?

Then I look like an idiot because I have no answer. How do you condense eight weeks into three or four sentences? Simple. You don’t. We learned so much I’m pretty sure it’s still oozing out my ears. The academic side of things was broadening, while the intrapersonal aspect deepened my perspective, pushing my limits and asking me to move past my comfort zone. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m not so great with that whole expand-your-horizons gig. I also know that I have to continually try to change that in order to keep growing as a person. SSU in general is pretty good about pushing the comfort zone, but Europe intensified that so that when I came home the atmosphere was almost cramped: Wyoming is not exactly ethnically diverse (You’re either Dutch or not-Dutch).

Additionally, I almost forgot that the Europe trip doesn’t end when you come home. You’re processing the trip through an academic filter as you write paper after paper about this great big messy experience. Honestly, it’s a good thing that I have skoodles of work to do. It solidifies this whole process in my head and as I write these essays, I have to think critically about the things I’ve seen, which isn’t exactly easy to do in Florence when you have a nice lemon and chocolate gelato calling your name.

Still, I do all this thinking, sorting through this whole trip. You’d think I’d have a favourite part of the trip. Yeah, I thought so too. All I can say is that Florence was fabulous, Rome was awesome (but hoooot), Venice was interesting, Paris was PARIS, London…I could go on and on forever. It’s a real problem when someone wants a ten-second answer.

So. What’s your favourite part of Europe? 😀

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