The Return

By August 17, 20102010, Europe

I was thrown right back into the middle of my Canadian life as soon as I stepped onto BC soil.  It has been comforting, yet exhausting and I’d honestly rather be walking endlessly through European streets, museums and cathedrals.  The intense experience of traveling for two months with such a big group has made it that much more difficult to transition into a slower, less crowded living pace.  I have loved coming home because it has allowed me to find new peace, which has forced me to think about more specific experiences of the last two months.

The glimpses and sparks of meaningful space, important conversations and moments of peace in and amongst such historically or architecturally beautiful areas are what I have been remembering the most.  I took my time walking through the Louvre while we were in Paris and sat in the courtyard of one area of the massive building to try and gather all of the information and art that was thrown at me while wandering the museum.  It was moments like these on the trip which allowed me to become more present and involved in the experiences I was having and to motivate me to be responsive even when I was feeling exhausted from the travel, study and community.

I had a short break when I arrived back home, and now I have been working on a fruit and vegetable farm that has given me loads of time to think about what Europe 2010 has meant to me.  I am still trying to process all of the incredible experiences, but I am so thankful that I was able to take the trip and share it with the SSU community.

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