The Road goes ever on and on…(cue Tolkien)

By May 23, 20102010, Europe

Travel again. Europe this time, not Asia, and I have to admit I’m excited. I get to travel with some of the greatest people ever, ramble all over Europe, try new things, take oodles of pictures and be a care-free student.

At the same time, I know it’s not always going to be fun and tourism. Dachau, for example, is a sobering thought. Still, I wouldn’t avoid the concentration camp: it is a part of our history and I don’t want to close my eyes at all. Maybe I can want to see it all because I haven’t experienced anything to put it in perspective. I want to fully understand everything I can, even the parts that I may not find interesting at present.

So,  I feel like I’m in a state of expectation, waiting for it all to start, for it all to begin again. I’m caught in stasis, poking God and niggling at His big clock like a child. I really hope He finds it cute, because otherwise I’ve made a real nuisance of myself over the past few days 😉

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