The Second Time Around

By May 31, 20102010, Europe

Well I’ve never been much of a blogger but here it goes…

I joined the last Europe trip two years ago in 2008, however, that time it was more of an audit/tag along situation. I listened to the lectures and presentations but did none of the work. Having now completed the first portion of the homework I realize I had a pretty sweet deal. However, I am looking forward to viewing the artwork and exploring the cities having now studied so much more about the places we’re going and the things we are seeing. I am also appreciating the fact that I know the group I am traveling with prior to embarking on this journey. One thing that I am apprehensive about is my past experiences forming expectations that could get in the way of how I choose to do things along the trip. I need to remind myself that this is a fresh experience and that I am with a new group of fellow travelers and I myself am not the same as I was the last time I was in these places. This trip will be unlike any other, and it will be a challenge and a blast!

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