This is strange

By May 23, 20102010, Europe

So for many people that know me, i have been talking about the Europe trip since i found out that SSU did a term in Europe. I have been looking forward to this trip more than anything–like when we were going to Asia last year i was almost more excited about the fact that very soon i would be going to Europe, even though i was stepping on a plane and leaving for Asia. But now that i am in the last week before our class leaves to go to Europe I am blindsided by the trip. It is not as if I forgot about it, but i want things to slow down a little so i can get my bearings. I have been continuously overwhelmed with feelings of angst and doubts and not really knowing where it is coming from. I feel more comfortable now that i have been at SSU and seeing the things that i was learning by myself being put into place and that gives me comfort, knowing that i was on the right track most of the time. And my excitement is coming back and I really want to go and experience Europe for the first time. I desperately want to know Europe more because for some reason I feel it is a home away from home, even though i have no close family or friends living there; maybe this is because it has been where all my focus has been when studying at SSU.  I just want to be as excited as I was when i first heard about the trip, or when i was about to board the plane a year ago to go to Asia. This strange feeling please go away.

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