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By June 20, 20102010, Europe

Just 3 days before Dr. Gregg Finley departs the Europe group, today he spoke 3 words that help me understand why he is a valued member of this community, on and off the road. “Here he comes!” he said, as I jogged toward the dinner line for the evening meal of schnitzel.

Those words point to Gregg’s consistent practice of drawing attention to those around him. I doubt that he was aware of the significance of those 3 words today because this practice is so deeply entrenched into his character. His life having been soaked in selflessness and serving others, comments like this are but tiny indicators of how he lives his life.

Both in Europe and back at SSU, most of Gregg’s time outside of class and dean responsibilities is spent listening to us, asking how we are doing, what’s going on in our lives, what the condition of our soul is. As a result, the quality of all of our lives improves. It’s been a great trip so far, partially because Gregg continues to care for those around him, noticing their contributions to our community in the midst of expressing his own. So in 3 days we’ll proudly, but with a touch of sadness say, “there he goes.”


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