Walking on Sunshine…for the most part

By June 22, 20102010, Europe

Well, roughly a month into the trip and I’m still alive! yay! Alive is a good thing.  So much has happened that it’s a bit hard to know where to start…we’ve seen insanely decorated churchs and people who beg outside them, we’ve seen dogs in clothing stores and cities built on swamps.  There is an entirely different atmosphere here, and even that changes between the more northern and southern parts of Europe.

I desire a greater sense of connection with this place. I know the history and I kind of wish it was more a part of me, but it’s not. I’m not ‘homesick’ per se, but I am looking forward to being home.

One thing that a friend and I were talking about are the difference in names here from North America. What we in North America know as Vienna is really Wien and it is the same in other countries here as well….so why don’t we call them by their proper names? Why is it that we think that everything needs to have an English equivilent?

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