Appreciating My Humanity

By June 4, 20112011, Europe

One thing that has stood out to me while wondering the streets of various European cities and countries is how involved people are in politics. Young and old, people alike seem to know where they stand in their political views, where as many young people in Canada barely know who our current political leader is. They also seem rather passionate and ready to stand up for the views that they hold. An example of this is the graffiti that I have observed all over the walls and subway stations. Just like any other city there is a fair amount of graffiti, but unlike many other cities it does not reek of profanity and vulgarity. I have seen many spray paintings that say such things as “Freedom For All, and Catalonia is not Spain”. I had never really thought of the freedom that I enjoy every day in my country as something that can be taken away so easily. Probably because it is all I have ever known. But I have noticed that many people here are aware of the freedom that they enjoy and work every day towards keeping it. There was a man at the Protestant Museum that told us we need to continue to keep a tight grasp on our rights as humans because they can be easily taken away.

Another aspect of the trip that greatly affected me was seeing Michelangelo’s David. I found myself completely awestruck by how realistic his form was. I began to reflect on why I was so touched, and even spiritually moved, by this piece of art work and it occurred to me that I have always thought that part of being human was being able to be creative. I am just so thankful that God, the ultimate creator, allowed us to inherit some of His genius creative skills. And I also appreciated how it affirmed the beauty of the human form, which was made in God’s image.


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