A New Kind of Normal

By August 2, 2011August 11th, 20162011, Europe

It’s funny how comfortable you can get with soggy tents, stinky buses, and ‘temperamental’ propane burners. After spending just about all day every day with the same people, sharing experiences together, it becomes your new reality, your new home. Even when you find slugs in your shoes, or the propane burner spontaneously shoots flames at you while your cooking (don’t worry, I think they fixed it), it just becomes a (kind of crappy) part of your normal every day life, and just becomes another experience in your new home. Strangely enough, leaving that and coming back home felt like just the opposite; I had gotten so used to living in a tight-knit ‘rustic’ tenting community, that coming back to a house with a roof and a bed an electric stove seems almost foreign. Although I am so grateful for all of these things, it does feel like I have left my home in some way. The Europe trip became my new normal, and now leaving that behind feels like I am leaving my home.

I’m gonna miss our life together. It is sort of a surreal experience, our whirlwind tour of Western Europe, and especially with how we do things, but in true SSU fashion it brought us all closer together, and I’m really going to miss it. So, thanks everyone for all the good times, for putting up with me in the bad ones, and for sharing your lives with me for the past 2 months! It will take some time to get used to things without you all; you made Europe my home!

Lots of love,

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