In my travels thus far most art, or art that was considered great, was created by the white European male. I know this is not a new observation but its implications still apply. Where are the voices of the female population, the Black artist, the Asian sculptor; and so on. I enjoy the direction art is going… ‘liberating itself from the chains of white mediocracy’. Contemporary art is almost the exact opposite of our historical conception of art. Contemporary art disregards all rules.

My quarrels with contemporary art is the very thing that defines it. If there are no rules — can anything be art? Should anything be art? It’s difficult to rectify the two art histories. Without our past heritage of male dominated art; would we have the same art that now litters the walls of modern museums? These are just the thoughts of a tired traveler who seeks to find truth in art, no matter its history art a hundred years ago as well as today has the ability to change and move you.


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