Can this be called great art?

By July 4, 2011August 11th, 20162011, Europe

Nudity in art never used to bother me. It’s everywhere, and you get used to it pretty quickly. Besides, you can’t draw realistic people with clothes if you don’t know how to draw them without clothes. Apparently.
   However, I’m starting to see a frustrating trend. I’m pretty sure artists weren’t fascinated with subjects like the rape of the Sabine women or Susanna and the elders because of their historical or theological importance. And artistic inspiration is not an excuse for having a string of models/assistants/mistresses to use and throw away. Maybe our art is creating a tribute to the beauty of the human form, but maybe it’s just a classier way of objectifying women.
   Sexism is alive and well, a drive through Czech Republic will demonstrate that quickly enough. And it is not confined to Eastern Europe, as a walk through Paris can so clearly illustrate. Violence against women goes unpunished everywhere; they are not people, they are whores, skanks, asking for trouble. I am sick of it.
   Unfortunately, I have no brilliant solutions. Only a deep sadness that these attitudes are so ingrained in our world that they can slip almost unnoticed into our business, our justice systems, even our art.


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