Meeting the thin places

By June 8, 2011August 11th, 20162011, Europe

Fences, guard rails, glass and alarms surround all of the places that I see. For a while that bothered me, as these great achievements of architecture and historical monuments are trampled over and captured in a photo, lost on a shelf or a hard drive. I see people running past beautiful art and sculptures, and yet in a way I do the same. A quickly materializing theme for me, as of late, is to find the value in the ‘?thin places,’ as Gregg would call them, but amidst the hustle and bustle I have found it hard to find peace in which to do so. Until I spent a day in St. Peter’s Basilica  in the Vatican, surprisingly enough I found great peace there, even after having been shooed away by picture takers and tour guides. I wonder though, as I view the Pieta or the David with a headphone in my ear, how am I receiving the history?


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