Reflecting on St. Francis

By June 12, 20112011, Europe

You could almost hear the sigh of relief as we arrived in Assisi, the
self proclaimed peace capital of the world. After Rome, our group was
thankful for the laid back, quiet, and empty (relatively speaking)
campground of Assisi.  We spent a full day in Assisi and were
challenged to find some space by ourselves for reflection. Some found
it laying on the grass in an olive grove, others while sitting in Mass
at St. Francis Basilica or at a cafe, or wandering down quiet streets
and ally ways. It certainly felt like a ‘thin place’ gathered as a
group singing ‘Lord Make Us Instruments’, St. Francis’ prayer set to
music by alumni Holli Durost, at the place of St Francis’ conversion,
San Damiano.

We were welcomed in Venice by Shelley Perry, Shelley and Kendall
Kadatz, a new team of leaders for  the second half of the trip. We
were also welcomed by some rain in Venice, bringing us indoors for our
last chance to eat authentic Italian cuisine, shop for local Venetian
glass, tour the islands by water bus, and seek some shelter at one of
the magnificent cathedrals or museums.

Currently, we are en route to Austria where the hills are alive with
the sound of music… (It’s sing-a-long time on the bus!!)


Angela Stanley (for the Europe 2011 Leadership Team)

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