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By June 7, 2011August 11th, 20162011, Europe

Florence, Italy has captured a piece of my heart, as cheesy as that may sound. There is something magical about this city, I felt it in my first moments of wondering the streets. I was awestruck and overwhelmed right away, in the best way possible! This city is filled with so much history and character, it has a story to tell of the people who have gone before us. It is bits of this story that I’ve learned through doing my prep work, bits I’ve learned while here, bits that are still to be learned and bits that are a mystery and may always remain a mystery.

Walking through the streets and coming into the Piazza D. Signoria for the first time was striking, as it’s continued weaving lead me to the bottom steps of the Santa Maria del Fiore (Duomo). I was so awed by this that it was a while before I turned around, once I did I was facing the East Baptistry doors of the Battistero Giovann. The next day my amazement continued when I found myself standing, quite literally, at the feet of Michelangelo’s magnificent David– this experience was so unique and rich, there are no words to describe it.

It has been quite incredible to see and experience so much history; history that I’ve known about for years and have recently researched more in depth for this term. What a rich experience I am in the midst of, an experience of a lifetime.


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