Venice: At a Crossroads

By July 4, 20112011, Europe

Oh Venice, where are you going?

You were once known for your wealth and status, tall in stature and wide in girth for all the world to see. Now people talk as if you are already in the ground, a dead man walking.

Will you submit to this prophesy of doom, fulfilling these ill-spoken words? Or will you try to fight back, even if it means leaning on the crutch of tourism for support?

Those who were once most loyal to you are leaving, disillusioned by the thought of facing the flocks of people drawn to masks and boat rides. What will hold you together now?

Dear Venice, so full of mystery, brimming with history, what is your wish? Do you want to fight against the rising tides, even at the risk of losing everything you once held dear?

Or do you desire to write your last will and testament, wishing only to be at rest beneath the ever-breaking waves and shifting sand?

If you could speak, what would you say?


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