The other day we went to Vimy Ridge on our way to our campsite in Belgium.  I had always heard about the monument and the battle that went on here, but I really didn’t quite know what to expect.  The area was beautiful and peaceful, but had a heaviness to it.  Walking around you could still see the evidence of the battles, the landscape riddled with small and large craters.  It was incredible to think that at one point there were trenches everywhere with young men huddled together waiting for the next offensive, or the next wave of enemy soldiers.  To think of the conditions they would have lived in, with mud and rats and body parts littered everywhere, it makes me wonder how people are able to live through it.  The sacrifice of all those soldiers is incredible and thought provoking and it is heartrending to hear of how many people were killed in the battle.  Like so many of the other war sites we have seen, being at Vimy and following the steps of those who have been there before me, has made it real to me and helped me to wrap my head around the reality of what took place.


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