Reflections on ‘Seeing the Other’ through the Ordinary

By August 21, 20142014, Europe

Some of us are blinded by the golden colour of the flowing fields. The fields, which have fed the mouths of our ancestors- those that fill the bellies of the world today. The vineyards that burst with flavour giving permission for our thoughts to dance around inside our heads. The land here is a combination of patterns, like that of a quilt, providing coverage, security and a sense of belonging for the people whose lives depend on it. It produces tastes, smells, traditions – culture.

Some of us are moved not knowing where it is we are going but, the simple fact they are moving towards the faith of an unknown destination. Movement is a powerful force, a force which has allowed for growth by which has witnessed destruction. Movement that has seen both integration and separation, poverty and progression, God and man. A faith that has given us hope, but has resulted in both miracle and doubt.

Some of us, our emotions are stirred by the mysterious wonder of a place, a painting, a window, a door, a building, a tree, a face, a simple gesture… not necessarily because it is the work of a great artist significantly impacting our lives. but because we are left in awe of not knowing. A not knowing which leads us to dig deeper or just simply accept that part of being is not knowing.

Some of us who walk in the footprints of another, to let our imaginations run wild in order to feel what it is like, possibly be like, or what it could have been like to be the other. To live in another time. To imagine. To dream. To feel. To experience. To wonder.

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