The Riverside of Florence, Italy

By June 2, 20142014, Europe

As I sat on the riverside outside of our campground I began to sketch some houses across the way. I love the different heights of roofs, the window boxes, the rod iron railings and their intricate designs. I am falling in love with Italian architecture.

As I sat I could hear the sound of the waterfall. Runners, walkers and bikers passed me by.

The sun was setting and there was a light breeze – the birds were singing their songs.

I wonder if I looked like one of them…? Or did I stick out like a sore thumb? I wondered if they ever stopped to listen to the waterfall or look across the way at the riverside houses… Do they ever hear the birds sing?

These are the glimpses, which so many of us easily forget or don’t take the time to stop for. Yet, how often do I back home forget to stop and enjoy the glimpses of life… And so sitting by the riverside I take in and observe the daily rhythms of Italian life. The life of the riverside. The runners, the walkers and bikers, and even the fishermen.

The river is full of life, full of culture and I loved that I could sit there and take it in…

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