The World Beyond the Lens

By June 25, 20142014, Europe

Europe has been the romantic summer destination for people for decades, and for good reason. The continent has so much to offer, from coffee houses to beer gardens, from specialty artisan shops to three story H&M stores. Of course there are numerous reasons why people flock to Europe, but throughout my travels I have seen an increasing number of individuals experience the sites, sounds, smells, and ambiance from behind a screen. With the increasing availability of technology, iPhones, iPads, and DSL cameras are everywhere. There seems to be an urgent drive prompting people with the desire to capture every possible moment of their trip.

Are you truly experiencing something if there is a barrier of technology between you and that beautiful cathedral, or that piece of art or that man wearing lederhosen? This has been my struggle throughout this trip, taming my rage towards those who appear to care more about the photograph than the moment. I should confess that I am also guilty of this sin, of viewing the world through my camera lens. It has thus become my goal to first see and then capture. It makes my heart incredibly sad to think that people will have only photos instead of memories of the inside of the Sagrada Familia or experience the magic of the Munich glockenspiel through an ill-recorded video rather than savouring the moment of hearing those bells. It would be a shame to travel all this way just to take pictures.

So this is my challenge to anyone who travels, as well as a challenge to myself, see the world before capturing it, take in those moments so that you don’t just have pictures to post but detailed stories to share. There is so much to see and experience in Europe, why waste time constantly taking selfies?

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