How Many Others have Written of Their Time at the Belvedere?

By October 25, 20162016, Europe

How many of our homes will eventually become museums to the passage of style, culture and time? I have no idea. I would try to organise bets of some form, but I can think of no ways to formulate odds based on general populations, sizes of structures, how often people move, or how well a structure will weather the passage of time and the ravages therein. The Belvedere Summer Palace is certainly a good place for the displaying of art though, and no, that was not a weird way to get an essay-like document started. That is the way of the train of thought.
See, none among our numbers are connected to big dynastic families, generational politic-influencing cabals, or shadowy organisations bent on organising the world in our own order. If any among us are, well then shame on you for not telling us sooner. We could have made a lot more unusual adventures. As no one has admitted to such connections at this point, the only way a place we have called home would become a gallery of material possessions would involve someone growing in cultural influence over extended periods of time. After such personal developments have reached their prime, an individual would have to be filthily wealthy. And possibly started some kind of generationally growing familial thingamajig.
After all of that, you would only really need one thing. A climate controlled place you and your family have called home with tall rooms. High ceilings are very important. So, who among us is now arching their fingers together and plotting how to take over the world, own a home the size of the Belvedere or bigger, just so they can have their house turned into an art gallery long after their passing?

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