If I Ruled the World

By June 21, 20172017, Europe

If I ruled the world, how would I do it? How could I lead a multi-everything society without excluding or “othering” those who are different than me? I don’t know. I don’t really think that anybody knows. But while we may not have the exact answer, we have to try harder to find a way for harmonious co-existence and the longer I am in Europe the more convinced I become that secularism is not the answer.  

Secularism cuts to the core of what it means to be a human being. If religion and faith in their many forms are an integral aspect of the human experience then secularism, by its very nature, rends the sacred unity between man and the “something more” that he seeks to understand and express. While Europe’s recourse to secularism is understandable given the history of religious wars in this part of the world, I can’t help but wonder if they are somehow shooting themselves in the foot. In another chapter of the world’s history, terrible things were done in Communist Russia when a man tried to implement a political system that was intentionally bereft of God.

Clearly, as the future ruler of this culturally diverse world, the path ahead of me is complex, burdened with a vast history of religious injustice and systemic exclusion of the “other”. However, perhaps what the world needs most is not the separation of church and state but the collaboration of educated multi-faith leaders who are passionate, political and people minded.


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