Shifting Perspectives

By October 2, 20192019

I had the strange experience of a shift in perspective as we explored the Cathedral of Saint Clare in the rolling hills of Assisi. I asked one of the other students why the church hadn’t finished exposing the frescos on the walls. After a moment of confusion, he explained that the frescos were incomplete because they were actually chipping away, not being revealed. In an instant my perspective went from excitement to a very deep disappointment. Instead of being revealed to us, these beautiful works of art and storytelling were being lost. Because of this realization my entire experience of the church was transformed and displaced from what it was before. This made me think about the ways in which travel, and specifically the engagement with different cultures, can displace our perspectives of the world around us. We might view a specific aspect of culture and society in one way but find out through intentional exploration that it is actually the exact opposite. The more we are able to interact with and get to know people, the more our biases and prejudices can be displaced from the way we view them. In my opinion this is just one of the great benefits that can be gleaned from intentional travel abroad.

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