Holding On

By October 28, 20162016, Europe

While in London the girls and I were walking through the city and stumbled upon this graveyard. At first glance it was just locks entangled in ribbons linked onto a fence, we had no idea what we were looking at really. Then this lady showed up and I tried to ask her what it was all about, she told me to follow her, so we did. We ended up getting an exclusive tour around this graveyard that seldom gives tours. This graveyard ended up being a place of burial for those who would not have had any other place to go, it was mainly prostitutes and the poor. The site went uncharted for years, until they started digging for the Tube, when they unearthed the bodies; they were unsure what to do. Then an organization bloomed and saved the graveyard and is now kept up by a man and his wife, who named the place Crossbones Graveyard. They have decorated the graveyard quite nicely, and the aforementioned ribbons are for people who come to visit in the present and they leave behind mementos of lost loved ones. I was really able to connect with my buddy Carter there, which was nice. They had a two by four at the back of the garden labeled, FOR ALL SUICIDES, Carter’s life was taken by depression a year after we had graduated and on this two by four in London Carter’s name will forever be. It is really beautiful that this man has held on to this area and fought for it so strongly. He didn’t know anyone who was buried there, but he still saw the importance of holding on to this place.

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