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By June 4, 20162016, Europe

After arriving in Barcelona, we unpacked and had a wonderful 3 course supper. On Monday morning we took our daily bus into the city center to explore and learn about Barcelona. This form of transit was quite different compared to our ‘tube’ Underground experience in London, as a bus isn’t quite prepared for an onslaught of 25 extra people. Nevertheless, we jammed into the bus and headed into Barcelona. Personally I love looking at new and unique buildings, and as we traveled this was my first time experiencing this Catalonian city. As we got close to Plaza Espanya, I saw a large circular stadium approaching. I became more and more excited and was in awe, as we approached the home of Barcelona FC, the football “soccer” team’s stadium.

Indeed, I love sports and it energizes me to see where they are played. So as I admired the largeness, colour, and architecture of this majestic building, Stefan spoke to me. He said “Isn’t it beautiful.” To this I responded, ‘Yes.’ There was a moment of silence and then I realized what he was actually talking about. Stefan was looking at the beautiful monument, which was right in the middle of the traffic circle. This became an aha moment for me, as to how we can be seeing and experiencing all sorts of different things. In London, I loved looking at monuments, but here in Barcelona the football stadium was the building that stood out to me.

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  • Dale Aalbers says:

    I have a funny story as this post isn’t quite as accurate as I thought. I feel a little sheepish to say that you can’t assume everything. Well it turns out that on a non program day I went to look at this structure. It was still very round and there were people taking an elevator to walk around the top. Upon entering the Arena’s building,( name on outside) I learned that this wasn’t a stadium at all but a shopping mall. Indeed sights and things can be far different than expected while also allowing for some humility. As we travel I am learning far more then expected and it has been a real blessing to experience so many places that we had only ever talked about.

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