The cost of getting away

By June 17, 20162016, Europe

I have many stories but I’ll keep to a few updates: yes I almost died, no I haven’t been arrested and I am doing well. We went hiking at Montserrat here in Spain. I got lost on the trail at a dead end and started climbing a a few rock shelves seeking breathtaking views. So naturally I climbed more and eventually ended up on a shelf with a majestic view of the valley. It made me reflect on the struggle of the Catalonians and how this was their place of refuge when the Spanish were oppressing them. Seeing the view and having a small window into what kind of energy was required to reach such a place left me awestruck. Then I started a steep descent which resulted in the soil beneath me giving out, I went head over heels 15 feet down the hill and landed straddled on a tree. Despite initial fears I did not break my left leg and instead walked away with many cuts and a fairly swollen shin. After being lost for another half hour or so I did find the way down. This small experience helped me understand that this trip has a lot to offer if you take the time to seek out quiet places and take a few minutes to rest in where you are.

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