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By July 5, 20162016, Europe

Before today picking favourites was always a struggle of mine. Even in the most trivial way of picking my favourite colour, meal, artist, movie, anything really. Because in my mind picking favourites discredited all of the others that I also adored. However today I was able to not only pick a favourite style of painting but a favourite artist. Maybe this was so easily decided because of the distant relationship I had with art. Before today art was always something of a mystery to me. I enjoyed art but I never felt drawn to it or connected with it in ways that others around me seemed to. But today that all changed, I fell in love with Monet’s paintings. Every time I walked into a room I was awestruck by these beautiful paintings that felt soft. I know that may sound silly but it did. It was portrayed soft by the colours that were used to depict the scene and in the way Monet abandoned the rigidity of sharp lines. Room after room I walked in and would be drawn to these paintings so much so that by the end of it I knew the paintings I was staring at were his without the information card on the side. It amazed me to be able to connect with a man I will never meet, a man that was before my time, a man that knew a different world than I, but a man who saw the world as I.

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