St. Stephen’s Association for Christian Education

Forgivable Loan Program Student Application 2018-2019
  • Personal Information

  • Financial Information

  • Declaration

  • I hereby state that I have met and/or agree to all terms and conditions that are listed below: 1) A loan can be awarded ONLY if sufficient funds are contributed to generate resources to grant specific loans. 2) The loan will be forgiven provided that the student completes the academic term(s) as determined by SSU criteria: The student has not been dismissed for disciplinary reasons. The student’s account above the loan amount is paid in full. The student has satisfactorily completed his courses each semester. If such conditions are not met, the loan will become due and payable commencing on the date of demand with interest and payment schedule to be determined by SSACE. 3) The estimated amount of the loan can change if my financial situation, as reported on the application form, changes. I am responsible to report any changes to the Financial Aid Office. I must also notify the Financial Aid Office of any changes in my name or address, as such changes occur. 4) Family members are not permitted to donate to the program on behalf of a related student: a student’s spouse, parents, grandparents or siblings. This is to provide a safeguard against any potential tax problems for donors in the future. ✅ I acknowledge that I have read and understand the above FLP Declaration and agree to these terms. ✅ I understand that if this interest free loan is not forgiven, payments will commence 6 months following completion of, or withdrawal from, my studies at St. Stephen’s University. ✅ I understand that SSACE’s FLP Committee will determine the amount of the interest-free, potentially forgivable, loan to be awarded to me after having regard to the actual cost of one year’s education at St. Stephen’s University and the level of financial need.