Course NumberNameDescription
BIB 5120Interpretation of Sacred TextsSearching for wise methodologies that confer dignity without demanding an oppressive sense of literalism. COURSE NUMBER BIB 5120 DISCIPLINE(S) Theology & Culture
CUL 5170Beyond Spectrum Ideology & the Culture WarsTranscending the spectrum of culture wars. Learning to appreciate diversity, hold difference and create social change. COURSE NUMBER CUL 5170 DISCIPLINE(S) Theology & Culture
CUL 5172Justice for All: Race; Gender Issues TodayExamining racial and gender issues in the 21st century. COURSE NUMBER CUL 5172 DISCIPLINE(S) Theology & Culture
HIST 5140Church History (1st-6th C.)Unearth the roots of the early Christian church from the 1st-6th centuries. COURSE NUMBER HIST 5140 DISCIPLINE(S) Theology & Culture
MIN 5110Historical Theology (1st-6th C.)Includes reading and discussion of the Apostolic Fathers, Athanasius' Life of Antony, Eusebius, St. Augustine, Benedict's Rule, as well as other primary and secondary sources, with a particular focus on …
SF 5150Ignatian Spiritual Formation IExperiential instruction in and practice of spiritual formation exercises in Ignatian and other classical traditions. Students will be encouraged to develop a "contemplative attitude" to God through reflection on scripture …