Deadline: June 1st (for new AND returning students)

St. Stephen’s University recognizes that benefits of an undergraduate education also have a price. One of the ways that this University supports its students is by granting a limited number of scholarships for students in extreme, financial hardship. Both new and returning students may apply through the form below. For the history of the John Walker Scholarship please click here.

  • Contact Information

  • Community Involvement

  • Please list any awards or recognition you have received. Include the name of the award, the year and month it was received and the organization that awarded it to you.
  • Please indicate the types of activities, particularly of a voluntary nature, in which you have been involved (i.e. Student Government, Athletic Teams, Community Volunteer, Church/Community Involvement, Drama, etc.). Include the year(s) in which you participated in the activity.
  • Finances

    NOTE: all information will be kept confidential