Part II: Passing the Baton

By March 15, 20112011 - Kenya

Right now, the team is thinking of all the tasks that are before us when we get home – picking up life and all of its responsibilities, challenges and opportunities.  But I just want to say thanks.  Thanks to Tim and Diane for sharing their home and their lives with us.  Thanks to the students for entering into this loosely defined course with such openness, honesty and vulnerability.  Thanks to the hundreds of people we met – mostly Kenyans – who likely will never have the opportunity to get on a plane and come to Canada, but who nonetheless welcomed us and allowed us to peer into their lives and ask probing questions.  Thanks to Dale for moving well out of his comfort zone to travel across the world with us, to also be a vital part of our learning community.  Thanks to SSU – the faculty and staff – for being open to entertain a trip like this at a time like this.  Thanks to Shelley K. for your practical support and your encouragement along the way.  Thanks to the broad and wonderful SSU community who supported this trip in so many important ways – you guys are great!  And finally, thanks to Kindred Home Care for your generous support of the team, not just financially but for understanding how important a venture like this is for the SSU community.  Thank you for your vision and your generosity!

Most of all, thanks to Geoff, Kyle, Laura, Jonathan, Crystal, Margaret and Nicola.  Thanks for being who you are.  Thanks for your willingness to be stretched and to stretch one another.  Thanks for your sense of adventure.  Thanks for just being so incredibly easy to get along with!  And thanks for helping me learn.

It always remains to be seen how participants in cross cultural learning will incorporate the lessons learned while they’re “away” but I am absolutely confident that the past two weeks has only been the beginning of the impact that this trip will have on each of us and on all of us.   I’ve had a lot of “Kingdom of God” moments these last few weeks and it’s been a huge privilege to be holding the baton with you.  Enough said!

Thanks be to God, the alpha and omega, beginning and end; and to Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith;, and to the Spirit, our counsellor and teacher.

Lois Mitchell

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