A Ministry Thesis or Project
(sometimes called a “creative artifact”) is required for the Master of Ministry degree. It is a means for someone to undertake extensive study in one particular area.


The thesis involves the preparation of an 80-page (double-spaced) theoretical essay that is in the form of a dissertation. Students must demonstrate a strong ability to do research and to write in order to gain academic approval.


The ministry project (approximately 80 pages double spaced) involves a practical strategy that is designed and implemented under the supervision of a mentor and then described in written form. The ministry project is to be professional or practical in nature; it is not necessary to include a comprehensive review of related literature (although, for most topics, many rich sources ought to be quoted). The preparation of a book, manual or study guide that addresses a specific ministry topic is an acceptable alternative. In rare cases (to be determined by the faculty) other options may be allowed.

Ministry projects are to be followed by a 20- to 30-page theoretical defence that is academic in nature. This essay should draw upon a minimum of 20 sources (quality of sources to be determined in consultation with a faculty supervisor) and demonstrate the student’s ability to write at a Master’s level.


  1. All SSU Ministry programs must be completed within seven years after final course work.
  2. Although every effort has been made in this Academic Catalogue to accurately describe all Ministry programs, the faculty reserves the right to make adjustments as it deems necessary or desirable.