There are No Upcoming Lectures at this Time.

Stay Tuned for Updates.

Previous Speakers at SSU

Pádraig Ó Tuama – Poet, Storyteller, Conflict Mediator

Peter Rollins – Author, Producer, Philosopher

Emily Davidson – Writer and Poet

Dr. LA Henry – Lawyer and Educator

Sharon Thira – Director of Indigenous Learning and Engagement

Chief Hugh Akagi – Chief of the Peskotomuhkati Nation

Jim Merkel – Former Engineer and Activist

Dr. David Moore – Pastor, Educator and Activist

Dr. Bradley Jersak – Author and Patristic Scholar

Ariel Smith – Coastal and Marine Life Conservationist

Alma Brooks – Maliseet Grandmother and Educator

Kathy Moorehead Thiessen – Activist and Member of Christian Peacemakers

Kanatiio (Allen Gabriel) – Activist and Indigenous Support

Dr. Terry Leblanc – Director of the North American Institute for Indigenous Theological Studies (NAIITS)

David Adams Richards – Writer and Senator

Leland Maerz – Therapist and Teacher

Dr. Walter Thiessen – Therapist, Professor of Psychology, SSU Dean of Arts

Brian David Johnston – Artist

And Many Others!