Q: I’ve connected with someone that is interested in SSU, now what?

A: Let us know! Use the form on the referral page to send us their contact info and any details that may be helpful.  Please make sure to check with the person first, it helps to ask something like, “can I put you in touch with someone from SSU?”   

Q: I’ve referred someone, what else can I do?

A: Ask them how it’s going! Have they thought more about a next step or whether SSU looks like a good fit?  Depending on how well you know the person, you may have the opportunity to further share with them what you love about SSU and help them through the decision making process of choosing a school to attend!

Q: I told someone about SSU, they started attending but I never heard back from you, what gives?!

A: There may be a couple reasons for this:

  • It’s still early in the term; we will notify you after 5 weeks of the term have passed (see next FAQ)
  • The student did not mention you on their application or at registration.

Either way, it helps if we know earlier in the process that you’ve referred SSU to someone, use the form on the referral page if you can, this way we can let you know if we have been in contact with the student previously.  Please feel free to contact us as well, since this program relies on the student or you letting us know about a referral there can be times that we miss someone or it’s not clear who made the referral.

Q: How do the payments work??

A: Payments are handled in one of two ways:

  • Existing students: Funds (or credits to your account for existing students) will be divided into two payments, one for each term that the student you referred successfully attends.  Each payment will be made after five weeks have passed in the term (after five weeks student fees are non-refundable).  
  • Alumni and friends of SSU will have the option to receive a cheque (divided in two payments, see above), donate the money to the student they referred, or designate the money back to SSU as a donation. 

Q: I have more questions! Who can I contact?

A: Further questions can be directed to the Director of Admissions, Mat Rouleau at [email protected]

Q: Anyone not eligible for the referral program? 

A: Yes, Guidance counselors do not qualify for the referral program (sorry!)