Intimacy with earth: Creation and Awe

By August 3, 20122012 - Scotland

The Celtic way of life, especially early on, was largely based on connection and respect for the earth; it could almost be said that the druids had a healthy ‘fear of nature’ relative to the Christian concept of a ‘fear of God’. Keeping this idea in mind, one can see how nature is a tool for communicating the mighty power of God. To be in awe of the created order is to be in awe of the creator. In connecting and allowing ourselves to become intimate with the created world, we can find deep spiritual connection.

The view from a hilltop in the Scottish highlands, south of Oban.

It’s no wonder Iona is considered to be a thin place. For myself, heaven felt closer because of how truly elemental the experience of Iona is. I have rarely felt so immersed in the natural world as i did on my afternoon hike on Iona with Charis and Cara. The further we walked south from town, the less signs of man there were. From paved road and farms, to dirt road and pasture fences, and finally to a simple mud path and terrain. We eventually got to a point where even the grass-beaten path disappeared. With no real destination, i was able to truly experience the journey. In silence, we traversed outwardly, and looked inward.

Traversing the rock and mud terrain on the southern tip of Iona.

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