Deadline: July 15th

The SSU Servant Leadership Scholarship is intended to promote and develop emerging leaders who have completed at least one full year of study at SSU and have been accepted and confirmed for the 2020-21 academic year.

The Mission of SSU is to prepare people, through academic, personal, and spiritual development, for a life of justice, beauty, and compassion, enabling a humble, creative engagement with their world.

Our hope is that each and every member of the SSU community would be a unique example of embodying a hunger for “justice, beauty and compassion.” We hope that all students will join in the call to be people who use their education, gifts and energy to work for the common good rather than their own self-interest. We encourage every student to determine the ways in which they can best learn about and engage with the world;  identify ways in which to use their own gifts to bring about justice, beauty and compassion; seek to serve, lead, and inspire others.

Funding: The Servant Leadership Scholarship  is for $7,500 toward two years of study in 2020-21 and will be credited toward SSU tuition and fees on the basis of $5,000 for 2020-21 and $2500 for 2021-22. If this award is granted to a fourth-year student, they will receive $7,500 for 2020-21. No amount will be returned in cash in the event of withdrawal.

Eligibility:  The recipient must be a returning student studying full-time at SSU.

ApplicationTo apply for this scholarship, write a 500 to 750 (maximum) word essay on the SSU mission statement.  You may include comments on your own instincts to lead others and to put the needs of others ahead of yourself. Please also indicate what scholastic awards have you achieved in your academic career and what GPA have you attained at SSU and elsewhere in post-secondary education. 

The winner of this scholarship will be selected by committee before August 31, 2020 and all participants will be notified. Thank you for your interest in the Servant Leadership Scholarship at SSU.  SSU is very grateful to the generosity of an anonymous SSU alumnus who makes this scholarship possible, and models our values of justice, beauty, and compassion in many leadership roles.