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One dream for many

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Whether it is the dream of a continent, a nation, or a community, people are drawn together in order to work towards a greater goal which will give their life meaning. The construction of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona was the dream of the deceased Catalan man, Antoni Gaudi. It is now well over a century since the construction of the Sagrada Familia began and I questioned its very existence. Why are we chasing the dream of a deceased man? Why are we building a church of such grandeur when there are people begging for food just down the road? Who is paying for the completion of a dead man’s dream? My judgement was clouded by negative assumptions and ignorance towards the project which filled me with anger and self righteousness. It did not occur to me for a second that this dream was bigger than him, or that others shared his dream, or even that I could share his dream.

Mindlessly strolling down the busy streets of Barcelona I caught a glimpse of a mountain peaking over the buildings. As we got closer trees began to form on the mountain. Then all of a sudden, we were standing in front of the most beautifully carved mountain, located in the heart of Barcelona. Each rock face told a story and each tree was illuminated by the light reflecting off of hundreds of stained glass flowers. After walking into the mouth of the cave tears filled my eyes. Beauty of this kind was a myth to me until that second. The trees above me reflected every color, the birds were singing, and light was breaking through the leaves and shining down on me. This was the moment that I knew why the dream of a deceased Catalan man was so important. Our world needs this kind of beauty and this kind of beauty would never exist if it were not for the dreams of individuals who decide to share them with us. The Sagrada Familia was the dream of one man, today it is the dream of millions, and tomorrow the world will celebrate in its completion. We have to take back our dreams and share them with the world.


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Most of us dream of creating or doing something that will be original, inspiring, or change the world. Sadly, not all of us will get that chance. However, that makes it all the more special when you encounter someone or something that has accomplished the unimaginable.
For me, this happened when we experienced the architecture of Antoni Gaudi. Especially la Sagrada Familia. This structure was unlike anything I have ever seen. It was architecture inspired by nature, formed in a way that causes onlookers to question the beauty of buildings they have considered breathtaking in the past. Your gaze is drawn upwards, and curiosity, wonder, and awe are brought to the forefront of your mind. And, in its own way, it inspires others to wonder about a God that could give such a talent to one person.
Encounters such as these are few and far between. Whether it be with art, music, or what have you, it makes you realize that the things we consider “normal” need to be challenged. As well, it causes you to question where true inspiration and creativity come from. I do not have the answers to these, for that is up to you. But I will leave you with this: “God inspires, we only need to let ourselves be guided.” (Gaudi)

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