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Germany and Onward!

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The trip is nearing its end and as it slowly creeps upon us I anticipate it more and more.  I have thoroughly enjoyed being on this trip but at the same time I await its end with a certain amount of excitement and anxiousness. We are currently in Belgium and have just completed our day trip to Bruges in which many of us enjoyed a tour of a local brewery.  Before arriving in Belgium we traveled from Paris, which was both an expensive and beautiful city. Prior to visiting Northern France we enjoyed staying in Zug Switzerland, which had a lovely lake to swim and cool down in.  Over all of the other countries I think that I was most fond of Germany. It was my favorite because of the people there.  I remember that they were very friendly and helpful whenever I stopped to talk with them.  Part of my positive impression of the German people was formed by our hosts in the castle where we stayed just outside of Dresden.  I also remember having a very friendly taxi driver who I spoke to on our way home from the soccer game we attended in the city of Dresden.

I also appreciated the architecture that we saw in Germany, such as the Glockenspiel and St. Michaels Church.  The Glockenspiel is a great example of German material culture.  It shows the German peoples’ love for art as well as music.  St. Michaels is also a prime example of material culture.  I was especially intrigued by the the statue of the archangel Michael defeating Satan on the facade of the church. During the Reformation it was viewed as St. Michael defeating the Protestants, as the majority of the people in the city at that time were Catholic.  The statue also reminded me of our myth course as it can be viewed as a mythological battle between Michael and Satan as well as the Protestants.  Overall, Munich was a great city for viewing the material culture of the German people.

Matt Caldwell