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Speedos, locked lips and billboards

By | 2011, Europe | No Comments

Europe is a sexy place.

The beaches are filled with men in speedos showing off the literal fruits of God’s work and topless women enjoying the benefits of no tan lines. The commercials are sexy, the bilboards are sexier, and there are couples making out everywhere. I kid you not, there are steps in Rome (the Spanish Steps) that are famous for being a notorious makeout spot.

Walking around it isn’t uncommon to come across a couple locked in a passionate embrace. Which is difficult for a conservative Canadian like myself to see. I am of the children raised on the “hands to yourself” mantra. Europe is a funny place combining the strict dress codes of Basilicas with the near-nude beachwear of the young and not so young.

I have been asking myself where this liberal sexuality has come from, this comfort and nonchalance. I don’t yet have an answer but I am impressed and disconcerted by this way¬†of life. There are so many things to be appreciated in the lifestyle here and I’m sure there’s a deeper message beneath the steamy billboards. Speedos, though, might be best left un-imported into the conservative Canadian lifestyle.