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We’re Not in Kansas Anymore…

By 2012, Asia One Comment

Hello everyone, Wanna hear something crazy? The Asia team has been gone for over a week already! How did that happen!? Almost crazier is the fact that being here doesn’t strike me as strange anymore.

Yesterday a few of us visited a rainforest a few minutes outside Kuala Lumpur. There I was, sitting in the midst of the jungle listening to the Muslim call to prayer playing from a mosque in the city below. It suddenly hit me just how extraordinary this experience is. South East Asia seems so unexplored (and often ignored) by North Americans; it’s virgin territory, or at least it seems so to me. It’s a shame really. I have never in my life been stopped in my tracks by the sheer beauty of a place as much as I have here in the past week. Not just the beauty of the city, either. The people here are beautiful. Everyone I’ve talked to has been so helpful, and so friendly. It has never been this easy for me to have lengthy conversations with strangers!

One of the most beautiful things, for me (and I didn’t expect this.. at all) is the Call to Prayer. It plays several times a day, and is audible throughout much of Kuala Lumpur. I am lucky enough to be able to hear it through my hotel room window at approx. 8:20 pm every night. This eerie melody lasts for about five minutes, and it has been the soundtrack for my watching of the sunset every night since we’ve been here. It gives me new chills each time and renews my sense of awe in this experience that I am blessed to be having.

I am a Christian in a Muslim country. This sounds scary when the concept is first introduced, but the reality is much easier to handle; in a strange way, it too is beautiful (this seems to be my word of the day.) I feel as though I’m a part of something completely new, completely different. And I love it. It is exciting and terrifying simultaneously, creating an odd feeling that I admit to never having felt before. But, at the same time part of me greatly misses Canada and the people I left there.  So, let it be known that I miss and love you all (well, most of you… kidding!) and soon enough we shall be reunited. I will then drive you so crazy by telling stories that you don’t particularly want to hear that you will wish you could put me back on a plane destined for halfway across the world. On that note, I leave you. Have a fabulous day.  Until next time, Alyssa Lynn Hazzard

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