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The G-Spot ; )

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I’m begining to understand the church on a global level. I walked in to Saint Peter’s Square yesterday and felt what it was like to stand at the center of Christendom. Although I don’t choose to affiliate myself with the Catholic Church, having grown up in an Evangelical denomination, the knowledge and experience that the Catholics have gifted to Protestantism is indescribable. Upon entering the square I made my way to the God Spot, a small one-foot-round metal tile that Bernini specifically designed so that whoever stands upon the tile will see every pillar in the square become aligned. It is absolutely unbelievable to me that this single spot could so accurately depict the fragile existence of the global Church. When the entire body of the Church congregates on the metaphorical God Spot (seeking God first before consulting ourselves and our peers), the Church becomes unified in an unmeasurable way. But, if any one deviates even one foot from unity and order, they are thrust into a world of disarray and chaos with little meaning in their movement and message. The God Spot is where we as Christians should all strive to reside; centered and clear minded.