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Agony begets thankfulness

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I could not imagine it. I could not even process it. How could I? The pain, the agony, a death so horrible: feeling yourself wasting away, being forced to push yourself beyond your physical capability with the labour you had been ordered to do, being beaten if you show signs of lagging behind, being given insufficient portions of food. I could not process it. I did not know what to do with what I had learnt that day, knowing too that I had only caught a glimpse of the grim reality of what happened in these concentration camps.

That evening, I reflected on how I often think about myself and my own little worries, so small in comparison to the final experience of all these people’s lives. I thought to myself the best I can do with the new insights I had been given is to wake up every morning thankful for being so blessed with the life that I have. I made a promise to myself not to worry so much about my own little concerns each day.

Appearance, money, wealth, technology, popularity, etc., these are things deemed important by man in today’s society. God has already given us exactly what we need, these being the basic and most simple things in life. I see love and community being part of this list. I wish to take these essential things and do my best with them, and to not worry so much about that which is of lesser importance.