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Just Paddling

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Jumping into a trip like this is an adventure, being able to take a community mobile for two months is a feat. When I started this trip I had many thoughts of how a trip like this one would go and what I would see. My expectations have been met fully, I feel very privileged to be on a trip like this being able to see so many wonderful places, taste amazing food and meet interesting people from many places has been very cool.

Living  life and having adventures is so important, Donald Miller talks about this idea in his newest book. The experiences you have enable you to have an adventure live your story and be able to learn from these experiences. I have been thinking about the idea of living my story trying to take on everyday and experience new things. This trip has been that adventure I was very excited leading up to it, now I am living it and experiencing  it  and I am thankful for this privilege.

Walking through the WWI site Vimmy Ridge is a great example of experience as a student of history I have read a great deal about this event. Being able to actually go there and experience the places, see the monument and talk to the people was so important. It helped me to make strong connections about the significance of Canadians and the first World War. Looking toward the end of this two month adventure I look forward to experiencing the city of London and continuing the adventure.

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