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Today we walked past barbed wire fencing, rubber boots, coveralls, and various other farming equipment strewn all over the ground, in addition to large tractors blocking the road. It was on our day outing to Brussels, as we were making our way to the European Parliamentary building, that we found ourselves in the middle of this agricultural demonstration. This random timing was able to reveal more to me about the atmosphere of Brussels as a “capital” of the European Union then any tour of the Parliament could do (although that was very informative as well). Even though the demonstration was nearing its end, witnessing the chaos and seeings police standing guard at the blockades, I got the sense that this is not an uncommon occurrence. Random opportunities such as this have not been scarce on this trip. So many times we have been blessed with having perfect timing. These include, being in Vienna on the night an enchanting boys choir is singing in St. Stephen’s Cathedral, and arriving at town square in Strasbourg just as traditional French dancers were performing.  There have been so many chances to be a part of great moments, and for this I am so appreciative.

Cara T

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