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Malaysia has been a completely different experience from the Philippines. Kuala Lumpur is a rich city, greatly impacted and economically aided by the tourism industry. We rarely see poverty here, except the occasional series of huts off the side of the highway. Our main exposure here is to the urgency and chaotic nature of city life. The transportation system has proven to be beyond impressive, and we’ve all adapted quickly to the multi sky-train system. We can easily and freely travel from one end of the city to the other, and see everything in between.

The night-life is rich and diverse, and our afternoons in the train station and downtown reveal a unified multi-culturalism that rivals Canada’s. Indians, Chinese and natives of Malaysia live diversely, in great harmony. We are learning what it means to be a pilgrim, and not a tourist, which grips many of us here much more than the Philippines. Witnessing white tourists from all over the world traveling Malaysia has shown us the errors of a tourist, and has shown us what we do not want to be.

While I travel the city, often with Nygel, I see Nygel’s passion for hearing and knowing every person’s story. As Nygel referenced this morning in our devotional, from the words of J. E. Mason: we want to hallow a place, not leave it hollow.

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