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the results are in, everyone wants to come here!

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A friend of SSU, Heidi Turner, recently brought this article to my attention. For those of you who aren’t aware, Barna group is a well respected organization that constantly conducts studies to keep it’s thumb on the youth culture of today (not an easy task for anyone familiar with the ever changing aspects of youth culture).

I’ll give you a textual clip and let you head to the article to read the rest.

God and Global
Having a connection with God and international travel emerged as second-level priorities. Nearly three-quarters of teenagers felt they would have a close, personal relationship with God (72%) in the next decade or so. About seven out of 10 youths (71%) said they will definitely or probably have traveled to other countries by their mid-twenties.

Sounds to me like SSU is the kind of place that youth are looking for today.

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