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A Picture Book

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A Picture Book:

Walking on a battle field from WWI.

Looking up at the domes of massive cathedrals that all point upwards to God and realizing the Swiss Alps do the same in the most magnificent and natural way. 

Passing through Hitler’s eery bunkers at the Eagle’s Nest.

Turning my head from left to right to take in the palace of Versailles, the Belvedere or any other elaborate building from history.

Facing the close German front line from the allies trenches at Vimy Ridge.

 Exploring medieval walled cities.

Tasting the food and drinks of each country.

Standing in the crematorium, that halds the chambers and barracks of Dachau Concentration Camp.

Walking through museums to enjoy the pure talent of so many artists I’ve been studying – Michelangelo, Raphael, Rembrandt, Sisley, Turner, Van Gogh, Ghiberti, Monet and the like , oh the many styles they portray!

Walking past headstone after head stone at the Tyne Cot Cemetery of the many lives lost in WWI.

These words portray the images of a  picture book. You know the saying, ” a picture says a thousand words.” The world wars is what has stuck out to me the most. I’ve always been interested in learning about these times, as terrible as they were. I’ve been so discouraged from learning more in depth about them and seeing the remains of these horrors for myself. Dachau, now a memorial to remember those that survived, was especially difficult. Walking through the grave of the many dead prisoners moved me to tears. But as I’ve felt the pain (as much as one may be able to) of the horrors, I’ve also found hope in the good moments, the good people – Sophie and Hans Scholl and the White Rose Society, the survivors and the sense of care and community the inmates had – the many glimpses of hope in past history. I’ve been able to find God amidst the injustices and evils of the world.